During a preliminary meeting we get customers’ inputs and information about the key features the intended property must have. At this stage we identify all the suitable requirements to start a targeted research.

Once the characteristics of the property to be acquired have been established we move to the next step. Here we set out in search of real estate solutions through sector agencies, private customers, the internet and a wide network of relations and contacts developed in the area. According to the client's requests we make a meticulous selection discarding options that do not meet his requests.

After the screening phase, we identify a series of properties, which are suitable to customer’s needs and we visit them in order to draft an in-depth report with plans, photos and detailed information to be submitted to our customer for the final decision.

In consideration of the preliminary selection, we move to the organization of the visits, letting the customer see the options and so moving to a deeper analysis of the building’s conditions, location, final price, etc…

Once the intended property has been identified, a technical and economic ‘due diligence’ is carried out on the this property, supporting the whole execution of the negotiation, from the settlement of the price to that of the best payment conditions.

When requested, our professionals are able to provide their expertise also for further advice regarding the choice of the mortgage, the notary, the construction company (if renewal works are necessary), the architects, the craftsmen, etc…




The assignment is usually given under exclusive contracts and lasts 2 or 3 months. Our service is free and the ‘success fee’ is provided just in case of purchase of a property proposed by us.